Resty for Objective -C
A simple Objective-C HTTP client for iOS and Mac

Resty is a simple to use HTTP library for Cocoa and iOS apps, aimed at consuming RESTful web services and APIs. It enables you to make requests in fewer lines of code than using the built-in NSURLConnection API (which LRResty is built on). This is what it looks like:

- (void)fetchSomething
  [[LRResty client] get:@"" withBlock:^(LRRestyResponse *r) {
    NSLog(@"That's it! %@", [r asString]);

It uses modern Objective-C language features like blocks to simple asynchronous requests without having to worry about threads, operation queues or repetitive delegation. It is inspired heavily by RestClient, a Ruby HTTP library.

Download the latest version of LRResty.framework (0.10) for iOS or for Mac

Alternatively, you can grab one of the nightly builds or the latest source on Github

Resty requires iOS 4.0 or Mac OSX 10.6 or later

Resty is released under the MIT license.

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